Gift Guide 2015 : Gifts for Menfolk

If an alien species' only information about Earthling males came from Gift Guides for Men, they would conclude that Earthling males only desires are expensive items made of leather, high-end ethanol, and sports memorabilia. So lame. For something different for the actual human male in your life, here are some ideas. 

1. EDC Keyring Kit. For the former boy-scout who is all grown up but wants to be discretely prepared for anything. This "Every Day Carry" keyring contains a pry bar, mini tweezers, screwdriver keys, and a waterproof lighter. 

2. Crack En Fuego. For the food loving guy, who likes to keep it spicy. This flaming confection from award-winning San Francisco chocolatier Nosh This combines macadamia nuts with a habanero infused butter toffee, and coats the whole damn thing in chocolate. The burn is slow on this one, but mighty. 

3. Blackwing Pearl Pencils. For the artistic or design-loving guy who wants to write with some of the best pencils ever made. These Blackwing Pearls are a cult-favorite of animators, featuring a dark line with little pressure, and are easy on the eyes too. Just like your guy. 

4. Cold Brew Mint Coffee Soap. For the dirtiest man in your life. Or just one who would appreciate this handmade soap, made in San Francisco by Etta + Billie. This soap is a collaboration with local coffee beanery, Ritual Coffee, featuring coffee oil and all organic natural ingredients. 

5. Tyvek Shoes. For the guy who likes to have his feet protected by something other than leather. Tyvek is awesome. It's waterproof. It looks cool. It's tough. Just like him. Except the waterproof part. 

6. Tile. For the guy who forgets everything except your birthday. This smart little device can be attached to just about anything - his keys, his wallet, his computer, his whatever. When that object invariably goes missing, he can pull up the Tile app on this phone and the Tile starts beeping until he finds it. Like a grown up game of hide and seek. With iPhones. 

7. GrowlTap. For the guy who drinks beer straight from the craft brewery. This handy device snaps onto most 64 or 128 oz screw-top growlers, and allows him to keep that fresh beer fresh and bubbly for weeks. Fancy. 

8. Scratched Band. For the guy you're going to marry. You know the one. This ring from San Francisco local Kendra Renee Jewelry is a thick band of 14K Palladium White Gold. It is handily pre-scratched, so your dude doesn't have to worry about being super careful with what might be his first piece of jewelry.  (P.S. If you both are in the market for wedding bands, Kendra offers a unique experience called Double Pour, where you and your husband-to-be can go behind the scenes and actually pour and quench your own wedding bands. With supervision of course. And maybe some bubbly to celebrate.)