Retailer Feature: Sarah Swell in Sausalito


Sarah Greenberg launched her brand Sarah Swell Jewelry in 2008. The result of years of study and practice, taking classes, working in the industry and a lifetime spent in pursuit of creative expression. In 2014 she, her husband, and their Husky pup ventured into Marin and opened her first retail shop in Downtown Sausalito. Sarah and I met 10 years ago in jewelry school shortly after we both moved to the Bay Area and I have loved watching her business grow and blossom over the years.

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1 - Pretend you don't know me and tell me how you got started with your shop.

Opening the retail shop version of my brand Sarah Swell happened a bit accidentally. I always wanted to open a store someday, but the opportunity presented itself sooner than expected when I came across the perfect little retail space while searching for a new studio. I just couldn't let it pass me by. After being open for a year, I decided to bring in the work of other jewelry designers so that my clientele had a greater variety to choose from when searching for that special piece.

2 - What is your favorite place for lunch in the neighborhood?

I'd have to say lunch at Sushi Ran. It feels like an indulgence, but is a bargain compared to their dinner service. They really have some of the freshest and most inventive sushi in the Bay Area.

3 - Is there something that you are coveting for yourself at your shop but haven’t pulled the trigger on yet?

I'm already dreaming of your small spear earrings in gold...and they haven't even landed in our shop yet! [Editor's note: yup, she really said this about my earrings. I've got the proof in an email and they will be landing there in November in time for the Holidays.]

4 - Tell me a little about the people who work for you:

My husband has recently taken on the role of Operations Manager and helps to keep everything moving smoothly both in our wholesale business and in the shop. We mostly get along. I also have a wonderful employee, Allie, who works primarily on jewelry production but also helps out in the shop. I think it's so valuable to have everyone in the shop be versed in both jewelry making and selling. It's the only way you can correctly inform customers as to why each item is extra special.

5 - If you weren't a jewelry designer, what would you do?

I think I'd still be a designer of some sort. I'm also very interested in antiques and home furnishings and love the thrill of the search for that perfect piece. I'm not sure what the exact job title would be, so I'm going with antique decor treasure hunter :)

12 years of ❤️, 3 years of 👰 with my partner in crime @thetownlocal

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Visit Sarah's shop and see a great collection of jewelry - from her, from a perfectly curated collection of independent designers and from her own collection of vintage and antique jewelry, as well as handcrafted goods like ceramics and leather bags. Located in Downtown Sausalito, one block off of the main road and just a 10-minute walk from the Sausalito Ferry Landing.

Sarah Swell Jewelry
215 Caledonia Street, Suite 102
Sausalito, CA 94965