The Best Gifts to Buy for Yourself

You've worked hard all year, got your well-deserved Christmas bonus, bought all of the presents for friends and family (...or not) and now it’s time to treat yourself. What to do, what to do. What would you buy for yourself if you could buy anything? What’s something that would be hard for someone else to pick out for you? Here are just a few ideas of special treats that are just for you. Major bonus - these gift ideas are made by independently-owned small businesses so the money you spend goes directly to support and build the businesses of American-made and (mostly) women-owned businesses. Win-win.

Pink Linen Journal by Shinola (Detroit) - perfect for writing down your resolutions for 2015.

Olo Fragrance (Portland) - I love all of their fragrances and each one feels like a tiny indulgence.

10K Rose Gold necklace by T Kahres Jewelry (New York) - a beautiful and elemental jewelry line out of New York. This necklace is one of my favorites!

Campfire Special Candle by P.F. Candle (Los Angeles) - Soy candles lovingly hand poured in L.A.

Bourbon and a Glass Print by Drywell Art (San Francisco) - It does not get much easier than this drink and it is perfectly captured by the talented Alyson Thomas of Drywell Art.

Pink Crossbody Pouch by Brynn Capella (Chicago) - Love love love her finely-crafted handbags! This purse doubles as both a crossbody bag and a clutch and comes in some great colors.  All of her purses are made in Chicago!

Grapefruit Cardamom Body Oil by Etta and Billie (San Francisco) - this is a luxurious body and hair oil and I use this almost everyday.  Great for when the air gets colder and drier in the winter.

Shoes by Calleen Cordero (Los Angeles) - amazing shoes that are made right in L.A. I would like these on my feet now please and thank you.

Ceramic Stud Dome by Bailey Doesn’t Bark (Brooklyn) - An ingenious design for holding and organizing all of the stud earrings in your jewelry collection.

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